Try playing your child’s favourite song or TV show – it

can be a great distraction and enable you to do a thorough cleaning of their teeth, especially

before bed! Your child’s mouth becomes dry at night time and any food or drink residue

remaining on the teeth serve as ‘food’ for bacteria. The bacteria, in turn, produce acid which

breaks down tooth surface and eventually leads to a cavity or hole in the tooth.

2minsx2timesaday is the ideal amount of time to be brushing your child’s teeth. Children

actually require assistance with brushing until at least age 6 – their dexterity for fine motor skills

takes until then or later (ask your dentist) to develop. If your child insists on helping, try taking

turns with brushing and make it a fun experience! Brushing your child’s teeth serves 2 purposes:

removing plaque/food and delivering fluoride to strengthen enamel.