The Canadian Academy of Pediatric Dentistry and The Canadian Dental Association recommend your child see the dentist by “1st tooth or 1st birthday.” Why? Even though your child has just a few teeth and will likely be uncooperative at their first few dental visits, prevention is the key to a lifetime of healthy teeth and no cavities!

– You will answer a dental and medical questionnaire (or you can fill them out online and bring them with you when you come!)

– Then Dr. Jen will meet with you and your child/children where you will have the opportunity to have answered any concerns, questions, areas you are struggling with in your child’s home oral care. With Dr. Jen’s specialty training in pediatric dentistry, she will be able to suggest techniques that can help at home. She is also able to pinpoint any habits that may cause tooth decay early on and help come up with a plan to change before decay develops. For example, once your child has teeth, nighttime bottle feeding should be eliminated to avoid tooth decay.

– As your child is becoming more familiar with his or her surroundings/environment, and as he or she is ready, Dr. Jen will perform an oral exam with Mom and Dad right there to observe and learn too. This entire part will be quick because your young child will likely not be cooperative for long – but this is a crucial time for Dr. Jen to detect any early tooth decay or gum problems and also to apply fluoride to the teeth.

– The best part for last! Dr. Jen will report as to how the health of your child’s teeth is and discuss any other findings. Your child will get to choose a toy that is age appropriate and will receive a goody bag with new toothbrush and other items as needed for them at home.

– These early visits help tremendously to introduce your child to the dental environment and help them to establish rapport and gain confidence with Dr. Jen and her very capable team. We want Primary Care to be your child’s Dental Home – a place of continuous and constant oral health care, with preventative dentistry being paramount and intervention as needed.