Dr. Jen would like to share this important message from the Canadian Pediatricians regarding trampoline use. Injury can also involve the teeth and face in young children.


Are home trampolines safe?

Home trampolines are not safe and the number of injuries related to trampoline use is on the rise in Canada.


Can my child be injured on a trampoline?

Trampoline injuries are most common among children 5 to 14 years of age and include:

•cuts and bruises,

•sprains and strains,

•broken bones,

•head injuries, and

•though rare, injuries to the back and neck that have caused paralysis or death.


Is there a safe way to use a trampoline at home?

Using a trampoline at home is not a safe way for children and youth to play. Injuries can happen even when adults are supervising. And safety enclosures (nets) around the trampoline do not prevent all injuries.


Many injuries happen when:

•there is more than one child on the trampoline at the same time,

•doing “tricks” such as flips or somersaults,

•landing hard or the wrong way when jumping, or

•children are pushed or fall off the trampoline.


For these reasons, the Canadian Paediatric Society recommends:

•Parents should not buy trampolines for their children or teens to use at home.

•Trampolines should not be considered play equipment.

•Trampolines should not be part of outdoor playgrounds.