Helmets on, mouthguards in and have fun kids! …we are here if you need us for those unplanned mouth bumps. Did you know that if a baby tooth is pushed up into the gums from a fall, it will usually heal and re-erupt into the mouth over 3-6 months? However, if a permanent tooth is pushed up into the gums, it will need to be repositioned by your pediatric dentist and stabilized with a splint for a few weeks. If your child fractures his or her permanent front tooth and ‘the pulp’ is exposed or you can see a pink spot on the tooth, this also needs to be looked at. The most time sensitive dental injury for children to seek a pediatric dentist is if a permanent tooth is knocked completely out of the mouth! – steps to follow if you are unable to reach your dentist within 30 mins:

  1. Hold tooth by the top or crown and gently wipe debris (grass, dirt, gravel) from the root
  2. Place tooth back into the socket
  3. Have your child bite on a cloth or sock to hold the tooth in place as you make your way the dentist

**if you do not feel comfortable placing the tooth back in the mouth – place tooth in a cup with saliva OR milk, but NOT water