What is a sealant?

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Dr. Jen wants to ensure your child maintains a healthy mouth for life!

Fissure sealants are a preventative plastic coating, painted onto permanent or adult molars and sometimes premolars, which help to prevent cavities on the biting surface of those at-risk teeth. The best time to place these sealants is soon after your child’s 6 year molars erupt into the mouth.

Dr. Jen’s certified dental assistants are well-trained to help your child through the often new process and explain at their level what they are doing 🙂

The key with fissure sealants is your child’s cooperation in order to keep the saliva off and the tooth as dry as possible! With these ideal conditions, a sealant can be expected to last about 5 years. Thereafter, Dr. Jen will re-evaluate the tooth for replacement based on your child’s risk for cavities by their diet and amount of plaque on their teeth.



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