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Grey Tooth


My child fell and banged their front baby tooth and it’s turned black. What do we do? Generally when a baby tooth is traumatized it can turn black for a couple of reasons. One reason which is quite common is essentially a bruise. There is bruising on the inside of the tooth with some dried blood giving the outside surface of the tooth a grey appearance. The other reason the tooth can turn grey or black is because the nerve inside has died, become necrotic and there is no way that we can one hundred percent know by looking at a [...]

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My child’s teeth are coming in crooked. Are they going to need braces? This is usually asked by the parent of a two or three year old. It’s very hard to determine at this stage if in fact your child will need braces because of several reasons. One, the dental arch is still developing and the teeth are just coming in so there is a chance for much movement to occur in that first year of teeth coming in. That being said, the way teeth come in, the position in which they come in whether they are crowded and overlapped or [...]

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Are trampolines safe for children?


Dr. Jen would like to share this important message from the Canadian Pediatricians regarding trampoline use. Injury can also involve the teeth and face in young children.   Are home trampolines safe? Home trampolines are not safe and the number of injuries related to trampoline use is on the rise in Canada.   Can my child be injured on a trampoline? Trampoline injuries are most common among children 5 to 14 years of age and include: •cuts and bruises, •sprains and strains, •broken bones, •head injuries, and •though rare, injuries to the back and neck that have caused paralysis or death. [...]

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Summer time sports injuries!


Spring has finally sprung, we think!! Helmets on, mouthguards in and have fun kids! ...we are here if you need us for those unplanned mouth bumps. Did you know that if a baby tooth is pushed up into the gums from a fall, it will usually heal and re-erupt into the mouth over 3-6 months? However, if a permanent tooth is pushed up into the gums, it will need to be repositioned by your pediatric dentist and stabilized with a splint for a few weeks. If your child fractures his or her permanent front tooth and ‘the pulp’ is exposed or [...]

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Why bring your 1 year old to a pediatric dentist?


To discuss home toothbrushing and toothpaste habits, pacifier/thumb habits, trauma experience/preparation, beverage/bottle/sippy cup habits, oral growth and development; to introduce your child to the dental visit; to examine your child's gums and teeth. Early prevention is key to establishing great oral health for life!  

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