Why does my child have two rows of teeth? It looks like the permanent ones are coming in behind the baby ones – is this normal?

This is quite common and perfectly normal for the adult teeth to come in behind your child’s baby teeth. We generally check for a couple of things when this happens. If your child is five or six years old and you notice that the baby teeth are loose and the adult teeth are coming in behind, then it’s perfectly normal to let nature to take its course. The baby teeth will fall out on their own and the adult teeth will move into their position.

On the other hand, if your child is seven years old and you see the adult teeth coming in behind the baby front teeth on the bottom, not on the top, and the baby teeth are not loose at all – not even slightly wiggly – then it may be necessary for your pediatric dentist to intervene and remove those baby teeth because they may not fall out on their own at that point.

If you see this happening in your child’s mouth, it’s a good idea to have your pediatric dentist have a look and make sure everything is developing as it should be.